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Welcome to {GITS} - G.I.Tactical Squad.

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G.I. Tactical Squad is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

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Welcome To {GITS} - G.I.Tactical Squad

Who are the {GITS} and what is G.I Tactical Squad?

The {GITS} or G.I. Tactical Squad, started as a clan of close friends who all came together playing the games we all love....the Call of Duty Series.
We have played together from COD:UO, to COD:2 to COD:MW, COD:W@W, COD:MW2, then COD:BO and now COD:MW3. We have also branched out to Battlefield 3 and World of Tanks. We are a Tactical Squad and prefer to play a stealth style of game.
We do not run and gun, nor do we do bunny hopping or diving while fighting(This is exempt in BF3 due to nature of the game). For more info on this and other server rules, please check our FAQ's Section.

The founding {GITS} are three friends who decided to create their own gaming clan.
{GITS} founders, known as Senior Admins{SA}, run the clan equally instead of having a single person in charge. Assisting the Senior Admins are the Admin’s Advisors{AA} who help with the everyday goings on in the clan. The are responsible for making sure all servers run smoothly, from the COD Servers to WOT to BF3, by making sure {GITS} values are upheld at all time. They also assist all Admins with any and all questions, problems, or issues that may arise. They are the goto Admins of the group. Also assisting the Senior Admins we have a Public Relations{PR} Admin. This Admins alsi is responsible for answering any and all questions regarding the group, servers, and site. He also helps to maintain {GITS} Values on all servers, but also is responsible for directing new players to correct channels/people in the group. The PR Admin also assists in hand picking new recruits for the group and directs them to the proper channels/people.
All subsequent members, known as Admins, also have an equal say in everything involving the clan.
All Admins, whether Senior or Regular, are friends and treat each other as if they were family.
We also do the same towards any guests who visit our site or servers and expect the same respect in return.

While touring our website and forums, you will see a number of features and topics aimed at the Call of Duty Gamer, both server admins and regular players.
All features and topics aimed at the COD Gamer range from servers and server support, mods and mod support, maps and mapping support, and individual gaming support. We also offer support for the other games we have extended to….WOT and BF3. If you have any questions or are looking for help with any of these games, please feel free to register and do a post on our forums!
In addition you can find computer tech support, software support, and Windows O/S support topics.
We urge guests to offer advise, tweaks, tips, etc on our forums in an effort to help anyone who may require the help...and this is greatly appreciated by all.

{GITS} is also proud to be the home of 2 wonderful mods and their creators.
The mods are:

COD:MW - COD2 Extreme/RSM Mod for COD4 by NewfieCrash and The Cleaner

COD:W@W - C5 M0D - Crash's Bolts Only M0D For COD:W@W by NewfieCrash COD:BO – C7 W@W Bolts Mod for BO by NewfieCrash

We offer these mods as downloads on our website, and also offer full and complete support. If you have any questions or issues with either of these mods, please proceed to our forums.
We also ask that if your clan runs either of these mods, that you post your server's ip in our forums so that we, and others, may have a chance to drop in and say HI. Any donations made the {GITS} – G.I.Tactical Squad go towards the upkeep of this site and our servers. We Thank You for your support!!

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{GITS} News, Updates and Upcoming Events

Welcome to {GITS} - G.I.Tactical Squad!! Please take the time to register and check us out!!                   If you are looking to join {GITS}, please click on the Recruiting Application on the left or right below!                   {GITS} Has Closed It's Team Speak Applications!! Team Speak will only be given to prospective new {GITS} Members!!                   Looking for our server rules?? Check out the FAQ link on the left and below!! Everything you need to know about our rules is there!!


{GITS} Gift Shop

{GITS} - G.I.Tactical Squad Gift Shop Now Open To All {GITS} Admins And Friends Of {GITS}!! $1.00usd From Each Sale Goes Towards {GITS} Servers/Website!! All Sales Final!!


{GITS} Simple 6 FAQ's

The {GITS} 6 For Black OPS & MW3

Welcome ! .....We Would Like To Introduce You To The {GITS} Approach, Rules & General Information, Most Asked By Players In The Field. We Encourage That You Take A Few Minutes Of Your Time To Go Over The FAQ (link below) As It May Answer Any Question That You May Have. Not All Are Rules, Most Are Situational Concerns. The {GITS} Approach On The Battlefield Can Be Summed Up By 4 Basic Rules. These Are The 6 Rules That If One Simply Applies In The Field, You Will Have No Problems And Any Other Rules, Guidance Etc.... Will Fall Into Place As You Go Along With Admin Assistance.

1- CROUCH NO RUN - Simply, Crouch And Silently, Actively, Hunt Your Enemy's At All Times.....Except....

2- RUNNING - If You Hear Your Own Footsteps, You Are Running. We Run Crouch No Run Servers, You Have To Crouch To Move Around. You Are Permitted To Stand When In A Head To Head Fight, To Shoot, And Look Over Obstacles. You May Also Move Around Upright If You Are Aiming Down Your Sights (ADS). A Player Can Only Run From A Nade OR Exploding Bolt AND ONLY 2-3 STEPS!!

3- JUMPING FROM HEIGHTS – Treat The Maps As If It Were Real Life. No Jumping From Second Story Windows, Ledges, Balconies, Buses, Trucks, Etc!! Any Place That You Have To Climb A Ladder Or Stairs To Get To, You Must Use Said Stairs Or Ladder To Get Back Down!!

4- CAMPING – Camping Is Not Permitted On Our Servers….PERIOD!! We Define Camping As Sitting In A Corner, One Spot Or Another, Room, Tower, Ledge, Etc. For A Period Of Time Waiting For A Player To Happen By….We Call This Camping And Can And Will Remove Players Who Do This!! 5- PISTOLS & FLASH/CUNC NADES – Our Servers Are Setup To Deal With These. If You Use Them You Will Be Automatically Kicked For Them. To Elaborate A Little On This, You Are Not Permitted To Move Around The Map Using Your Secondary Weapons (ie: Pistols, Knives, Hatchets, Nades(ALL), Cross Bows, OR Launchers(ALL). This Too Can And Will Get You Removed From The Servers! 6- DISREPCT – Disrespecting Any {GITS} Admins OR Any Players On Our Servers Will Result In Immediate Banning!! Using Derogatory Comments Towards Anyone, Racial Slurs(names), Foul Language(Names), Cheat/Hack Remarks, Etc. Will Get You Permanently Banned On Our Servers!!

** As Stated Earlier, I Encourage That While You Are Here, Please Read Over The Entire FAQ (CLICK HERE) To Fill In Any Question That May Arise.

Thank You!

{GITS} Senior Admins

****Important Footnote****

A Number Of The {GITS} Were First Brought Together Into A Family Of Like Minded FPS Gamers Who Played MOH:AA, COD, COD:UO. The Founder Of This Group SniperHunter, AKA The Don, Invited Each Of Us Into His Family Of Players And Introduced Us To The Stealth Hunt (Crouch No Run) Style Of Playing That We Still Continue To Follow. All Of Our FAQ's Are Based On The Same FAQ's That "The Don" Put Together For All Admins And Guests To Follow. Thank You, Pete!!


World Wide Hits



Donation to {GITS}

All Donations Help pay for our servers and website!

Latest Donations:

Anonymous - $30
CV Josh Canus - $50

Thank You Everyone!


{GITS} TS # 1

{GITS} TS #2


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